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                                        Smarter Buildings Need a Better Infrastructure

                                        The right foundation supports the tech that makes buildings hum


                                        Automated Systems, Sensors and PoE Create Today's Digital Buildings? ??

                                        The modern building is a picture of efficiency, highly optimized to drive employee productivity, student success, and better patient outcomes. The building's systems communicate with each other and monitor and react to a wide variety of activities:

                                        • Lights and ventilation automatically adjust based on not only?if?a room is occupied, but based on how many people are in a room
                                        • Office lighting, as well as voice and data connections are activated and set to personal preferences when a badge is scanned at an access control reader
                                        • Digital signage shows available meeting rooms or offices based on sensor readings, rather than scheduling tools


                                        These same systems and sensors collect actionable data, fuel energy savings, and create a workplace that helps to attract and retain the best and brightest workers.?

                                        The IP network is home to the building systems, and structured cabling is the foundation of that IP?network. The same structured cabling solution that delivers your voice and data service also delivers the data and power to your digital building.

                                        Contact us today to dig deeper into the benefits a digital building solution can have in your facilities.

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